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Professional Landscaping Services

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Transforming Your Environment

Front or Back yard landscaping can consist of all elements of our services combined, depending on terrain and circumstances. Regardless of where you're located in the Williamson or Travis county, with your help I can create a personalized landscaping plan for your specific circumstances. Despite the challenges all home owners here in this area of Texas face. Together we can remedy your properties specific problems, while at the same time making your landscape a natural beauty of art.  Give us a call or make a submission, and I’ll come up with a bespoke service for your family from ours!


After many years of time with my hands in the dirt at countless residential properties here in Texas, especially in Round Rock and Georgetown. Almost every home needs some sort of Land grading, also known as yard grading or yard leveling. This helps to reshape the ground’s surface. It is also sometimes done on properties where the drainage is destroying the foundation, or can be done prior to the landscaping installation itself. Often this is the first step to almost every project our services has to offer.

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Landscape and Irrigation Masters have a wide set of skills when it comes to Hardscape installation. We can build natural flag stone Patios, walkways and steps. The rest of our services include flower bed boarders, retaining walls (for Aesthetics and leveling purposes within your Landscaping), custom fire pits and much more for your Outdoor life style here in the surrounding Austin communities.

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Sod Installations

Sod installation can consist of many elements and factors. Did you have a pool contractor come in and give you a beautiful place to swim, but in doing so ruined your whole side yard, front yard, or back yard. You might have too much shade in an area that has killed off all your grass, because a housing developer put in a type of sod that is required to have full sun. Unfortunately, the trees planted over the years has choked all the grass' life out. Sometimes it is a bad drainage issues that kill your grass, and some people just hate a certain kind or is allergic to the type that is in their yard. Regardless of the scenario Landscape and Irrigation Masters can accommodate all your Sod Installation needs, here in the unforgiving dry heat and bountiful blessings of rain the spontaneous weather Texas brings.

Drainage is something I see that is a problem for all home owners here in the surrounding Williamson and Travis Counties including Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville etc. This is due to the rainy seasons and  bad grading from housing developers. We can fix all problems property owner's face within their landscaping here in Texas. Most people need Water Redirection, others need a French drain, and some need a combination of the two. Yes, there is a Difference between a French Drain and Water redirection. Here at Landscape and Irrigation Masters we will give our professional advice on how to solve your back, front, or side yard Drainage issues. Give us a call and send photos of the issues your landscape is having and we can set up a consultation!


        Outdoor Lighting


The Beauty of Outdoor Landscape Lighting: Now that you have invested into your landscape, wouldn't it be spectacular to see and enjoy your outdoor living space, or beautiful landscape, at night? Here at Landscape and Irrigation Masters we offer a personalized artistic view with the art of outdoor landscape lighting. This can include various styles, colors and systems that you get to pick from with the help of our landscape lighting professionals. We can brighten up your world and you can start seeing things much clearer. One of the best additions to your landscape is outdoor lighting! No need to wait for these to grow. It is an instant satisfaction,that is guaranteed to last a lifetime from our family to yours.

Consult and Design

First, we listen and take account of your proposed vision you have submitted for your property/project. Then, I add professional ideas, using my own artistic abilities, and with the abundance of resources and options within my catalog. You will get to personally look through this during our consultation to get a visual representation of what your property will transform into, before we start the landscape/hardscape construction. Everything we have to offer is a wide selection of Texas native plant, Trees, and stones. We also have various readily available resources of plants, trees, stone and flagstones that are imported out of state that have acclimated to the Texas weather conditions and are at our disposal, within the use of our imagination and creativity for your project.


Water Conservation Professional Irrigation Services 

* Landscape & Irrigation Masters Subcontract  (LI0024155) Thomas Paquette Owner of Hunter Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation for any irrigation installations or repairs.


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